The Broken Crayon That Colored Still (Signed)

The Broken Crayon That Colored Still (Signed)


One Signed Copy of ‘The Broken Crayon That Colored Still'.’

Please note - This is a general signed copy. For a personalized signed copy, please join Santoria at an upcoming event in your area. Thanks!

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Sexually abused and broken by the decisions of those meant to care for her, Santoria had a few life-altering decisions to make of her own. None, however, would be more important than the first. The Broken Crayon is a self-help book wrapped up in a memoir about Santoria’s journey from child molestation to college graduation. Each chapter begins with a story and ends with a lesson. All together, they will inspire you to: Identify the source of your brokenness, exploit it for your own good, and forgive those involved in it, including yourself. Whether you are fifteen or fifty, if you are ready to come face to face with your own childhood trauma, then this book is for you. If you are not, buy the book anyways. Give it to that friend or relative you keep telling yourself needs it more than you... at least until your own pain demands to be felt.