This woman has a heart of gold with wisdom & life experience well beyond her years, not to mention, an incredible sense of humor. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.
— Dawn Rapp, Founder of D.A.W.N U Health & Wellness

The Broken Crayon customer reviews


I purchased this book to decide if it would be a good book to read as part of my local CASA book club. I read the book in one sitting and will be definitely recommending it to the CASA book club and to my co-workers as well. It is so easy to give young people famous role models and ask them to reach for the stars. Teens will inevitably connect with Santoria's viewpoint- as just another young adult trying to make the best for herself with the cards she was dealt. "What most peers saw as me being a 'teacher's pet' or a 'goody two-shoes' was actually my attempt to save my life.

I loved reading this personally and also am excited to build a curriculum around this book with the teens I mentor.

— elizabeth f.

I encountered so many emotions while reading this book. I was heartbroken and angry at what happened to you but I’m also very proud of the strong women you are today. This book is the definition of “overcoming your obstacles”. Childhood trauma can really make or break your life. This book gives people who are suffering hope that they too can overcome their obstacles. You may feel broken but you still have a purpose! I would recommend this book to people because it’s an easy read and very inspirational. 

— Fran

Great read! Learning about the harsh circumstances that the author endured throughout her childhood and how she dealt with those hardships was eye opening. A lot of great lessons to be had — i highly recommend this to anyone who has gone through childhood trauma or anyone trying to gain perspective on what many children unfortunately have to secretly endure.

— Daryl


I loved that this didn't feel like a self-help book, because it was that much more effective. It's so well-written in a way that feels like you're talking right to us, which made me feel it right in my core. I am so thankful you've shared your story with us and am truly inspired by your courage and achievements. I look forward to the next one!

— ashley gokey


Wow wow wow! This book is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who have any kind of trauma from sexual abuse. The author really took us through her story in a thoughtful way.

— elizabeth

We all face difficult circumstances in life. Some people use them as a crutch others use them as motivation. This book is special .

— Mr. Jones

This book was so good I could not put it down for nothing. I cried happy tears and sad tears for her to go through that much and still have a beautiful smile.

— Carrie